Have you searched for Chelsea Bishop on Spotify lately?  You can now stream her highly anticipated single, No Boys Allowed for free!  What are you waiting for? Go follow Chelsea on Spotify and tell your friends!  It’s completely free to join Spotify and the music selection is nearly endless.  Spotify followers will get notifications on new music as it’s added.

BUT BEFORE you go!  We want to share a goal we have…

Chelsea Bishop on Spotify

We want your help getting us to 250 “followers” on Spotify!  Why, you ask?  Having this small number will help us get the artist page “verified” and we already have some special plans for when we reach that goal. One of them that we can go ahead and share with you is Chelsea will be releasing her Official Favorite Music playlist!  Excited?!  Chelsea definitely is!!

We are already putting together the playlist getting it ready to make public!

See you on Spotify!