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About the Artist

I was born in southern California, and the art bug bit me the day I could hold a crayon. During grade school through high school, I would incorporate my artwork into my daily assignments (in fact, at one point I remember being told that I was not allowed to "doodle" during class time). Early during my senior year of high school, I started working on my Associate's degree in Fine Arts. At this point I took every class that had anything to do with Art, honestly I was obessed! Flash to four years later I was off to Cal State University for my Bachelor's Degree for Fine Arts. This is where I discovered the tips and tricks of animation. During my last university year, I interned at Universal Studios on the animated feature film, "Curious George" where I learned so much. After graduation, I became a Production Assistant for the story and animation department on the Disney feature film, "Enchanted". The next couple years were spent working again as a Production Assistant for Acme Filmworks, then Porchlight Entertainment and lastely for A Squared Entertain.
So after five years of assistanting artist, I am attempting to make a living as an artist my self.

Even though I sometimes struggled to earn a living as an artist, I couldn't imagine my life without the ability to create. - Linda Monfort